Just Sayin’

Sooo . . . I’ve been going to church for about 5 years (maybe longer, I really don’t remember) but I’ve always been considered the “Unfortunate One” because I’m married to an atheist.  <Sigh>  I happen to think I’m really lucky because he is in my life.  I’m very happy to be married to him.  Yes, of course, I do wish he would believe in God but I’m of the opinion that God gives everyone innumerable chances to find Him.  When it is my husband’s time to do so, He will find my husband and all will be well with the world.

Now I’ve got the equivalent problem (by other people’s standards) with my sister.  My sister is a lesbian.  She didn’t start out that way but about 20 years ago, decided that’s how she wanted to live.  She seems to be much happier now and I think that her quality of life is important.

People in church, and in my family, are critical of her because of her choice.  Again, INNUMERABLE CHANCES.  It isn’t my place to judge or tell her that she’s wrong or any other thing that you may think.

And, by the way, because I have said that does NOT mean that I mean the opposite.  It has taken us YEARS to get a good relationship going and I’m not going to take any chances on ruining it by telling her how to live (which is what others what me to do).

All I can do is set an example and if it encourages either of them in the God-direction, great.  I can’t live everyone else’s life for them.