Mystery Red Spots

If it were an illness, it wouldn’t be a mystery and it would be treated but, unfortunately, it is in our laundry.  I noticed it first about 9 months ago on one of my panties but, I didn’t care if it was there or not because it was my panties and I doubt that Brian would notice (and trust me, he’s the only one who would see my panties, thank you very much!).  Then, it appeared on a sock and in the next laundry cycle, it came out.  Okay, no big deal.

Then, when we were on our trip to California in May, Brian noticed a red spot on the back of his jeans.  Kinda faded but there, nonetheless.  When we got home, I got it to fade more but it was still there.

A few weeks ago, he got another couple of spots on the same pair of jeans but on the other leg. <Sigh>

So I treated and washed it again and, when it came out, there was a BIG SPLOTCH on the back of one of my t-shirts.  ARGH!!!!!!

I’ve spent the last two weeks trying to get both spots out and yesterday, I just gave up and dried the jeans and t-shirt as it was and hope that no one would notice.  (Its one of my _*favorite*_ t-shirts so I can’t NOT wear it!!)

THE KICKER:  When I went to take out Brian’s jeans between loads yesterday, there was a HUG RED SPLOTCH on the same jeans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  No other clothes had a new spot on them– JUST HIS JEANS!!!!