Been too long . . .

. . . Sorry about that.  I’ve been spending the majority of time working on the “Art Quilt From Hell”.  I’m just about finished with it but even then, I’m going to bring it downstairs to my sewing area and ignore it for a few months.  Man, I’m sick of that thing!

Brian and I went to see Shakespeare!!!  YAYYYY!!!  Maryland isn’t so uncivilized after all!!  We went to see “As You Like It” on Friday night and had a quick dinner out, too.  It was lots of fun and in a very intimate setting with the Annapolis Shakespeare Company‘s setting in Annapolis.  We’re set for another of their productions in November– so much fun!!

With the AQFH off the long arm, I’m free to go back downstairs and SEW!!!  I can’t wait!!!!  I feel like I haven’t in months!!