It worked!!

Well, what people say about “writing to clear your head” worked– I should know that!  I’ve written enough in the way of fiction over the years (not in any of my blogs) that I should know that writing clears the head.  I guess I just let those two situations take hold of me and really wrestle me to the ground.

I know its done because I’ve pieced a wall hanging (for the next time we rearrange our bedroom) and I’ve begun quilting some of the quilts that have been hanging around for FAR TOO LONG without being quilted.  Oh, to have nothing waiting for me to quilt under my long arm!  That, indeed, will be the day!

Unexpectedly, we are getting a thunderstorm RIGHT NOW.  Lexi spent the better part of a half hour in my lap but she has now gone back to Brian.  We don’t need a second dog (despite the fact that I’d love to have another dog) because she shares us so well!  On our driving trip in June to Maine, she split her time on my lap and Brian’s (mostly on Brian’s, I must admit) and during the day, she spends her time “guarding” me and then at night, she guards her Daddy.  She shares us very well, I think.

Anyway, in case you are reading this, I wanted you to know that things were definitely looking up.  Whew!


So far this year, I’ve been taken advantage of TWICE in my business.  I’ve decided to write about my feelings here because I can’t do it on Facebook.  One of the people that treated me badly is a “friend” there so I’m not free to express myself.  (Of course, the other person sometimes reads this but, since I haven’t written anything here in MONTHS, I figure they’ve given up and, if they haven’t, oh, well.)

The purpose behind “writing my feelings out” is because I was always told that this type of “cleansing” was good for the soul.  Well, we’ll have to see if that works.

The first instance of being taken advantage of was a “friend” who wanted me to finish her quilt for her.  She was never much into quilting but bought all kinds of fabric to make a quilt.  We bought the border fabrics together (she paid for it) and she complained the whole drive back to my house about how expensive it was to do that.  Yes, we (those of us who are quilters) know that quilt fabric isn’t cheap– give it a rest.

Then, when I went to try to “finish” the quilt, I found that ALL of her seems were off.  This meant tearing out 176 strips of fabric so that I could re-sew them to get them straight.  Then, I finished the quilt.  All of this took time; time that is not free.  It is heavily discounted, however, because I’m stupidly generous.

I should’ve charged her $20 per hour times at least 25 hours but I didn’t.  I discounted the time and I discounted the quilting and finishing charges.  That should’ve been another 10 hours, minimum.  Nope, I discounted that, too.  In other words, I charged her $300 for what should’ve cost her $700.

Less than 2 months later, she yells at me (on email) about stalking her and yelling at her (I didn’t) on an email that I sent to her teasing her about not communicating very often.  Yeah, I haven’t heard from her since and, if I would hear from her, I wouldn’t respond.

The second instance of being taken advantage of is my nephew and his wife.  Last summer, he asked me to make a t-shirt quilt for him.  I asked him what size and he told me queen sized.  I told him that I normally charged $1,200 for that but would not charge him for my labor if he would cover the cost of materials to make the quilt.  I told him that it would cost approximately $2-300.  The final bill when I submitted it AFTER I had already sent him the quilt was $275.  I was concerned by his reaction that I wouldn’t see my reimbursement.

He said he was suffering from “sticker shock”.  I reminded him of the potential cost of the quilt and reminded him that he was getting a bargain.  They paid (eventually– it took 9 days for their letter to go 600 miles) me for the materials but when they received the quilt, I was told that it was nice.  No raving and declaring how gorgeous it was.

Since that time, I’ve had a hard time piecing or quilting, being very complacent about doing any kind of sewing.  Its been a struggle for me to even go into my sewing area.  I’m upset by both of these people and frustrated.  I’m really hoping that this helps me forget those troubles and get back to doing what I love:  QUILTING!!!!!!!!!!


Going away . . .

This format is going away from my blog– I am going to go into a blog format on my website where I sell stuff:

Thanks– I appreciate that applause!

I may come back to something more private if only because, as an introvert, I don’t feel comfortable letting everyone in on my thoughts.  I’m not sure they could cope.  Its a little like Sally Field-ism– I didn’t know they liked me oh, wait– they don’t?  Oh, okay.

Nomadic mood swings are hard to describe on a site that is trying to sell you something. It is probably better left unsaid all together but then, why do I have the thoughts in the first place and where am I going to put them if I don’t write them somewhere?  See??  My thoughts exactly!!

I’m _*TERRIBLE*_ at it!!

I hate self-promotion– I’m really awful at it but I’m going to try to push some stuff on here and on Facebook in the next few weeks as I relaunch my business.  I’ve designed a new logo (see below) and I’ve redesigned my website so I am on my way.


Cross your fingers for me, okay?

But then . . .

As I said, its the not-having-the-car-in-the-garage thing.  I drove to the post office today.  That’s the first time I drove my car since Monday, when I had a doctor appointment, and before that I think it was a week earlier.  I just don’t go anywhere unless I go someplace.


I got my car back!!

(When you read that to yourself, use a very snotty/snide sing-songy voice, okay?)

Whew!!  It feels completely different when you drive yourself someplace, ya know?  It also feels completely different when you are “just sitting in the house, doing whatever, but my car is in the garage so I could go somewhere if I wanted to go somewhere” than when you HAVE NO CAR AND CAN’T GO ANYWHERE, even (and ESPECIALLY) if you wanted to go somewhere.  I tried to explain that to Brian yesterday but it was pretty hopeless.

Yesterday, a friend and I went shopping for some fabric to finish up a quilt that she started many years ago– I’m going to finish it and quilt it for her.  (It is a January gift to her mother, so no Christmas rush but, you know me . . . I always put customer stuff first so it may end up being done sooner rather than later.)

I’ve still GOT to finish cleaning up my fabric and sewing space– I can’t find anything!! Part of that clean up is going to include finishing the “Wonky Christmas” quilt– I don’t have any choice since so much of it is a mess because of it– so that means I can’t start on my friend’s quilt until I get that done and out of the sewing area.  I won’t quilt it until MUCH later but at least I’ve got to put the blocks together.

Speaking of which, I’m gonna get to it!


I’m not sure for how long but I will get to use the car on Wednesday.  Hopefully, Brian won’t have turned the 1,000 mile marker before I get to drive it again. (I’ll be piiii-ssssssed!!!)

I actually feel like I’m “not right” without my car in the garage.  Mind you, I don’t go anywhere on a daily basis– for sure– and I really don’t MISS going anywhere but it is nice to know I can when I want to go.  I haven’t had that since Brian’s been driving my car. 

Next week he’ll be at LISA (a Linux conference in DC) and will take the train down, after I drive him to the station.  Then, hopefully, he’ll get his car back soon. 

Been too long . . .

. . . Sorry about that.  I’ve been spending the majority of time working on the “Art Quilt From Hell”.  I’m just about finished with it but even then, I’m going to bring it downstairs to my sewing area and ignore it for a few months.  Man, I’m sick of that thing!

Brian and I went to see Shakespeare!!!  YAYYYY!!!  Maryland isn’t so uncivilized after all!!  We went to see “As You Like It” on Friday night and had a quick dinner out, too.  It was lots of fun and in a very intimate setting with the Annapolis Shakespeare Company‘s setting in Annapolis.  We’re set for another of their productions in November– so much fun!!

With the AQFH off the long arm, I’m free to go back downstairs and SEW!!!  I can’t wait!!!!  I feel like I haven’t in months!!

Mystery Red Spots

If it were an illness, it wouldn’t be a mystery and it would be treated but, unfortunately, it is in our laundry.  I noticed it first about 9 months ago on one of my panties but, I didn’t care if it was there or not because it was my panties and I doubt that Brian would notice (and trust me, he’s the only one who would see my panties, thank you very much!).  Then, it appeared on a sock and in the next laundry cycle, it came out.  Okay, no big deal.

Then, when we were on our trip to California in May, Brian noticed a red spot on the back of his jeans.  Kinda faded but there, nonetheless.  When we got home, I got it to fade more but it was still there.

A few weeks ago, he got another couple of spots on the same pair of jeans but on the other leg. <Sigh>

So I treated and washed it again and, when it came out, there was a BIG SPLOTCH on the back of one of my t-shirts.  ARGH!!!!!!

I’ve spent the last two weeks trying to get both spots out and yesterday, I just gave up and dried the jeans and t-shirt as it was and hope that no one would notice.  (Its one of my _*favorite*_ t-shirts so I can’t NOT wear it!!)

THE KICKER:  When I went to take out Brian’s jeans between loads yesterday, there was a HUG RED SPLOTCH on the same jeans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  No other clothes had a new spot on them– JUST HIS JEANS!!!!