Not improving . . .

. . . And not happy.  Some of the people who call me their friend are not acting very friend-like.  So done with it.

Maybe my attitude will change but I don’t know at this point.

Just Sayin’

Sooo . . . I’ve been going to church for about 5 years (maybe longer, I really don’t remember) but I’ve always been considered the “Unfortunate One” because I’m married to an atheist.  <Sigh>  I happen to think I’m really lucky because he is in my life.  I’m very happy to be married to him.  Yes, of course, I do wish he would believe in God but I’m of the opinion that God gives everyone innumerable chances to find Him.  When it is my husband’s time to do so, He will find my husband and all will be well with the world.

Now I’ve got the equivalent problem (by other people’s standards) with my sister.  My sister is a lesbian.  She didn’t start out that way but about 20 years ago, decided that’s how she wanted to live.  She seems to be much happier now and I think that her quality of life is important.

People in church, and in my family, are critical of her because of her choice.  Again, INNUMERABLE CHANCES.  It isn’t my place to judge or tell her that she’s wrong or any other thing that you may think.

And, by the way, because I have said that does NOT mean that I mean the opposite.  It has taken us YEARS to get a good relationship going and I’m not going to take any chances on ruining it by telling her how to live (which is what others what me to do).

All I can do is set an example and if it encourages either of them in the God-direction, great.  I can’t live everyone else’s life for them.


Is there an end in site?

I’m sure there is but I think it has taken leave of my sewing area/office/house.  It seems that every time I think I’m about to END the transition, something new comes up– I don’t know that I’ll ever be settled unless I finish some of these chores sooooo . . . yesterday, I finally made A LIST of what NEEDS to be done.  I knocked 3 things off said list even though I worked my butt off all day with that, laundry, and other stuff.  I took about an hour last night and sewed when I finished the day’s chores but I really need to get this stuff done.

I’ve got the books to get back downstairs and into properly supported bookcases.  I had to finish the painting of my knick-knacks and other wall decor.  (That didn’t make it on the list because it was Brian’s idea for me to finish, not mine.)  I’ve got stuff to hang up and yarn to sort through and it all seems like a bazillion things to take my attention away from BEING DONE.


Maybe next weekend?

Too much exercise?

Well, today, I walked first thing in the morning .82 of a mile, then I rode my bicycle for 25 minutes (6 miles) and then, Lexi and I walked an additional 1.74 miles this afternoon.

Note to Self: Do NOT walk that far in the afternoon!!  I’m going to have to work my way up to it instead of starting out that far.  Tomorrow we’ll walk a little less just so that I don’t find myself completely slammed by tomorrow night.

Now?  I’m off to shower and bed, a little early tonight.

So Much!!

There are many things going on related to my newly revised sewing area.  First, I have completely re-folded all fabric (which must be done periodically to keep wears in the fabric from occurring due to the folds) and have neatened up and vacuumed the fabric room.  It is done!

The craft supply cart has been sorted and re-sorted and all is done and cleared up in that room.

The sewing room portion is the final phase and I’m working on finishing that up by tomorrow, mid-day.  I’ll be so glad to be able to SIT and SEW!!!  I miss my room but didn’t realize how much until I started putting stuff away.  It has been too long (9 months!) since I’ve been in the room and am so looking forward to it again– I may go into hibernation for awhile!

One of the big things that still has to occur is the painting of decor items for the walls– yes, I’m going to decorate this time!!  YAYYY!!!!  Instead of having a few things up on the walls haphazardly, I’m going to be decorating with real “art” and/or shabby-chic items so it will be nice and pretty and pleasant to work in– I can hardly wait!! (Yes, I’ve said that a few times!!)

Oh, the things you discover!

I have now spent what seems like an eternity putting my sewing area and fabric room back together but really, its only been five or six days.  First I had to reorganize the space in the new cabinets– I’ve got storage for so much more!  Instead of having things loading up the tops of the previous three cabinets, I’ve got two more cabinets so that I can put the stuff inside.  I am loathe to put anything, even decorative things, on top of the cabinets but in some cases, I don’t have a choice.

Since Monday, I’ve been folding and re-folding my fabric.  Periodically, you need to do this (a) to prevent fading and wears-thru the fabric and (b) so I can remember what I’ve got!  Today, I said (out loud TO MY HUSBAND): I’ve got a lot of fabric.  BIG mistake– I’m going to regret saying that, I can tell!

I really do have more fabric and some of it, I’m adding to the yard sale that I’m having (along with a friend of mine) in about a month.  I can’t wait to get rid of some of this stuff!

So I’ve got about another day of quilt fabric and then, two days of clothing fabric and then I’ll be through it all!!  YAYYY!!!  By then, it will be warm enough that I can work outside on the painting and sanding of all things “shabby-chic decor” that will be gracing my walls.

So much for “Posting”!

Yes, well, it has been a busy couple of weeks.  Progress on recovery is moving forward in leaps and bounds!  Stairs (left-hand rail is easiest but the right is working better now, too) are my only struggle and I’ve started walking MILES with Lexi at lunch.  She’s not sure about it (she still wonders why we’re not all fat-n-happy, sitting on the sofa, watching TV!) but we are having fun.  She gets to smell things and that is the best part of her day!

Other than that, we are (Okay, _*I*_ am) happily anticipating getting my sewing area and fabric area back over the weekend!  Brian, poor thing, has been working on it steadily for the last month having been previously occupied with helping me to recover.  He’s just about done and I will start painting things (wall art stuffs) soon!  What doesn’t get painted gets moved back in, folded and re-folded and whatever else needs to be done to get it all sorted through and ready for use.  I am soooooo looking forward to it!

I’m hoping to be down there for hours and hours by Saturday– I can’t wait!!!


Well, so much for that thought!

Despite my complaining about the snow and cold weather, it is still snowy and cold but now with the added touch of ICE!!  Lovely!  I can hardly wait to walk the dog tomorrow morning!  (Yes, of course I’m being facetious!)

I have ended my “official” physical therapy after eight (8) weeks!!  I get my days back and what have I filled them with?  Nothing so far, but the week is young.  (Thankfully with tomorrow’s aforementioned ice to walk on, I don’t also have to drive on it.)

I did get out to church today– that was nice even if I was a few minutes late due to the roads and other traffic around me.

So done!

I’m so sick and SICK and SICK of WINTER!!!  Its been cold and colder all week and then there’s the snow!  Yuck!!  I barely walk Lexi on the morning and afternoon walks and then Brian gives her (and himself) quite a work-out when he walks her after dinner.  I feel badly (for her and for me) but I just can’t stand the snow and cold!!

So my office is in a horrible state right now as I’m reorganizing stuff.  New containers for the shelves and other bits to help me organize, overall.  In the meantime, the process has a mess all over my desk areas.  I can’t find my computer glasses!!

This week has appointments, appointments and more appointments but, at least I’ll be done with the official PT.  Of course, having three replaced joints, I’m never going to be completely done with PT– I’ll have to do some form of “real” exercise every day and of course, the bicycling and walks.  I’m working my way up to my regular regimen on the recumbent bicycle– I actually am excited about starting it for real!


Knee Update

So I’m driving and spent much of Thursday and Friday hitting some thrift shops finding new and wonderful Finds for my soon-to-be-redesigned sewing space.  I’m excited at what I’m finding but I’m not going to buy anymore until I have a better idea of the finished wall space that I’m going to have available.

Anyway, so I went driving all over the place on Thursday and Friday but, alas, on Saturday the weather started coming in and then blowing itself about to the point that, ON MY BIRTHDAY (Sunday), I couldn’t go anywhere or do anything!!  Brian and I have been searching for nigh onto 13 years for a GOOD Chinese restaurant in the area but haven’t found one yet.  I thought I found us a new one for my birthday dinner but, as we found out on Monday night, it was take-out only and not exactly hygienic looking.  It had gotten good online reviews but those places also lead me to believe that they had dine-in space.  Not so.

We had put off my birthday dinner to Monday night but we ended up back at our faithful stand-by of Mi Hacienda for dinner.  Sigh.

I really REALLY REALLY need GOOD Chinese!  Gonna have to wait until we get to California in May!  Bummer!

Still haven’t said much about my knee, huh?  Okay, so PT continues a-knee and things are going well.  I’m still struggling up the stairs upstairs because the rail is on the right which, because of leverage issues, is more difficult than the rail on the left which covers me from the basement to the first floor.  I’m doing one-legged squats on the Total Gym and wall slides are going better, too.  I’ve still got 5 more sessions and of course, I’ll continue on with some form of exercise and/or PT every day for the rest of my life.  I don’t mind– except in the winter with the cold wind and SNOW!!

There, that’s my knee update.